2005: Dostoevsky Dismembered: Decentering a Great Writer

Dostoevsky Dismembered: Decentering a Great Writer 
April 15, 2005
3401 Walnut Street, Max Kade Center
Room 329A 
(34th and Walnut – above Starbucks)
10:00 - 10:15 Opening remarks: Associate Dean Joe Farrell
10:15 - 12:00 Panel I: Dissections and Interruptions 
Chair: Julia Verkholantsev, University of Pennsylvania 
Liza Knapp, Columbia University, “The Adolescent: Dismembering the Novel of Adultery”
William Todd, Harvard University, “Mediocrity and Narrration in Dostoevsky's Idiot”
Claudia Verhoven, University of California, Los Angeles, “Interrupting the Zeitgeist: The Cases of Raskolnikov and Karakozov”
Discussant: Amelia Glaser, Center for Advanced Jewish Studies, University of Pennsylvania 
1:00 - 2:45 Panel II: Truths and Doubts
Chair: Vlad Todorov, University of Pennsylvania 
Steven Cassedy, University of California, San Diego, “Dostoevsky Didn’t Really Believe in Anything”
Ilya Vinitsky, University of Pennsylvania, “Where Bobok Is Buried: Theosophical Roots of Dostoevsky’ s “Fantastic Realism”
Ilya Kliger, Yale University, “Truth Discourse in Crime and Punishment”
Discussant: Anne Eakin Moss, Johns Hopkins University
3:00 - 4:45 Panel III: Interventions and Transpositions
Chair: Julia Vaingurt, University of Pennsylvania
Sharon Allen, Penn Humanities Forum, “Re-membering Romance in Dostoevsky's and Machado de Assis's 'Underground Narratives' 
Caryl Emerson, Princeton University, “In Search of the Dialogic Novel: Dostoevsky versus Tolstoy”
Monica Popescu, University of Pennsylvania, “What's Dostoevsky Got to Do With It? Coetzee's The Master of Petersburg and the Logic of Late Post-Colonialism”
Discussant: Timothy Harte, Bryn Mawr College 
4:45 - 6:00 Reception