Graduate Programs

The University of Pennsylvania Graduate Group in Russian and East European Studies participates in and offers a number of graduate-level programs. Among these is a dual M.A. in Russian and East European Studies, offered in collaboration with the European University at St. Petersburg. This program, which can be oriented towards any number of specific disciplinary and regional interests, involves a year of study at Penn, followed by a year of study at the European University at St. Petersburg, leading to two M.A. degrees, one from each institution. Current Ph.D. students in any discipline of the humanities or social sciences by also complete the Penn-EUSP Graduate Certificate in Russian and East European Studies. Additionally, students interested in study at the Ph.D. level may apply for admission to a number of Ph.D. programs across the humanities and social sciences in which the REES Graduate Group faculty participate. Faculty and graduate students in our area and disciplines are linked together in an extensive community, coming together both in the classroom and in extracurricular symposia and events, such as the interdisciplinary Penn Russian History and Culture Workshop (the Kruzhok). Please click on the links at left for more information, or contact the REES Graduate Group Chair, Professor Kevin M. F. Platt.