The UPenn-EUSP Certificate in Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies (REEES) in the Social Sciences and Humanities

The UPenn EUSP Certificate in REES is a graduate certificate in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies (REEES) for Penn Ph.D. students from across many disciplines of the humanities and social sciences, offered in the framework of the Penn-EUSP Dual Degree program. The certificate program may be pursued in the first or second year of coursework towards the Ph.D., and it requires:

  1. Completion of two core courses, offered in the fall and spring of each year:
  • REES 5001 Introduction to Russian and East European Studies—Social Science Approaches
  • REES 5002 Introduction to Russian and East European Studies—Humanities Approaches
  1. Additional relevant coursework in your home discipline, varying depending on your discipline.
  2. Additional relevant coursework in other disciplines, varying depending on your discipline.
  3. Language study, at least attaining intermediate competence. Target level and language of focus are dependent on your particular needs. Most commonly, Russian will be the target language, but Penn supports study in other languages of the region. Advisors will facilitate orientation towards summer language study. 
  4. Participation in a summer research or fieldwork project. Projects will be chosen, refined and adopted in the context of the core seminars, in processes of virtual collaboration among core faculty members of Penn and EUSP. Funding available, the summer research project will take place in situ and be overseen by EUSP faculty in partnership with Penn faculty.


For more information, please contact the Russian and East European Studies graduate chair, Prof. Kevin M. F. Platt.