Penn Foreign Language Requirement

Students can satisfy Penn Foreign Language requirement by completing the fourth-semester level course in a particular language or an equivalent in the heritage track in any of the languages offered in REES Language Program with a grade of C+ or by passing a Foreign Language Requirement/Placement test.

All students who previously studied a language, either formally or informally, or have been exposed to this language, are required to take a Foreign Language Requirement/Placement test before enrolling in REES language courses at any level. If you have any questions about your language background and how it might best fit with REES language curriculum, please contact Language Program Coordinator.

REES language courses, which fulfill Penn Foreign Language Requirement:

  • Russian 004 (Intermediate Russian II)
  • Russian 361 (Russian for Heritage Speakers II)
  • EEUR 124 (Intermediate Hungarian II)
  • SLAV 593 (Intermediate Ukrainian II)
  • SLAV 533 (Intermediate Czech II)
  • SLAV 504 (Intermediate Polish II)
  • SLAV 506 (Polish for Heritage Speakers II)