Multilingual Poetry: Alexandra Petrova (at Kelly Writers House)

The Multilingual Poetics series, created by Ariel Resnikoff, is part of an ambitious effort to mitigate the gap between poetics and multilingualism in the literary community where scholarliness often focuses too much on being rooted in one language, one persuit, and one culture. The series brings people together in a physical space that allows for productive conversation and thinking on the broad topic that is "multilingualism" in ways that may not have existed before.
ALEXANDRA PETROVA was born in St. Petersburg when it still was called Leningrad. She studied Russian language and literature at the University of Tartu (where she attende Yuri Lotman’s seminar on 19th century literature), writing a thesis on the prose of Leonid Dobychin. In 1993 she immigrated to Jerusalem, where she studied art history at Hebrew University. Since 1998 she has lived in Rome. Petrova is the author of three volumes of poetry: Point of Detachment [Liniia otryva] (1994), Permit to Live [Vid na zhitel’stvo], with an introduction by Alexandr Goldshtejn (1999), and Only the Trees [Tolko derevia], with an introduction by Stephanie Sandler (2008). She has also published Dolly’s Shepherds [Pastukhi Dolly] a philosophical operetta in ten acts (2001). In 2016 she published a novel, Appendix. She has written essays on contemporary art and literary criticism, translated from Italian poetry for magazines and the philosopher Paolo Virno’s Grammatica della moltitudine. Per una analisi delle forme di vita contemporanee (2003). Her works have appeared in leading Russian literary journals, such as Znamia, Zerkalo, Zvezda, NLO, as well as in many anthologies and took part in many International festivals of literature. She was short-listed for the Andrei Bely Prize for poetry in 1999 and 2008, and in 2016 she won it in the prose category for Appendix (also short-listed for the NOS Prize and included in the long-list for the Bolshaja kniga, Russkaja Premia and Alexandr Piatigorsky Prizes).