Hotel Ještěd, Liberec, Czechia

Rising over 300 ft above the majestic Ještěd mountain, the Hotel Ještěd dominates the skyline of the Liberec region in the northern Czech Republic. Architect Karel Hubáček received the Perret Prize for the tower's unique design, which emanates a futuristic aesthetic, particularly during the time that it was built (1966-1973). The tower itself is a television transmitter, built to withstand extreme climates. Below the tower is a hotel and restaurant, which also capture the "space age" motif through the use of rounded furniture and gold-tinted lighting. 
The view from Hotel Ještěd is one of the most breathtaking in all of the Czech Republic; guests can sleep and dine above the clouds, as every room overlooks the horizon. Reaching the hotel requires a cable car, but the drive is certainly worth the destination.
Photographer: Hadonos