Froggyland, Split, Croatia

Consisting of 507 stuffed frogs of the species Rana Esculenta, Froggyland Split's collection displays the life's work of taxidermist Ference Mere. The frogs have been meticulously stuffed using a taxidermy technique through the mouth so that the frogs do not have any external incisions. When compared with similar collections, it is evident that Ferenc Mere was a master craftsman of taxidermy of small animals.
The collection was first comprised of 1000 samples, 507 of which have been preserved in a perfect condition. When compared with other masters of taxidermy, such as Francois Perrier who has left behind a collection of 108 stuffed frogs, or the famous English taxidermy artist Walter Potter whose collection is comprised of 79 frogs, one can see how Mere's taxidermy collection is of both great variety and significance. Mere's collection features 21 cases in which the thematically arranged frogs depicting various everyday scenarios. In ten years of conducting a diligent process of taxidermy, Mere has created a unique collection that has remained for a century and still remains the largest and most significant collection of its kind in the world.
Among his exhibits include depictions of a blacksmith shop, carpenter shop, tailor shop, school, circus, and many other life situations. This collection is an exceptional example of the art of taxidermy and its long-lasting allure.