Faculty Profile: Mila Nazyrova

Mila Nazyrova has been teaching Russian language and culture courses since 2001. She teaches a broad variety of Russian language courses as well as courses for heritage speakers and intensive language courses. Some examples of content-based courses that she teaches in Russian include “The Wonders of Advertising,” based on Victor Pelevin’s cyberpunk prose, “Moscow, St.Petersburg and Beyond”–а course on Russian civilization and “Russian Song from Folklore to Contemporary Culture.” Mila’s research interests focus on Russian art and culture at the turn of the twentieth century and early Soviet era including symbolist art, modernist architecture and the reception of Greek and Roman pastoral themes.
In Spring 2018, Dr. Nazyrova will be teaching
RUSS312 Advanced Russian Conversation and Composition II
RUSS360 Russian for Heritage Speakers II
RUSS419 Russian Song and Folklore