Mariana Doboni

Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant

Ph.D. in Ukrainian Philology, Taras Shevchenko National University, Kyiv, Ukraine 

In 2014 Mariana joined Free Ukrainian Language Courses and up to 2020 was teaching the Ukrainian language in the elementary and intermediate level groups, as well as hold on speaking groups for mostly Russian-speaking people who wanted to develop their Ukrainian language speaking skills. In 2014 Mariana as a volunteer also worked with internally displaced persons, who wanted to study Ukrainian as well 


In 2017 – 2020 Mariana was Ukrainian language instructors for youth from Germany, who have been interns to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – Parliament of Ukraine. Consequently, in 2020 Mariana has prepared a textbook for the Ukrainian language students, who are interested in Ukrainian political and social life. Earlier she was teaching an authorial course on stylistic of the Ukrainian language for Ukrainian interns in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. 


Also, Mariana has experience as a Ukrainian language proofreader. She worked with documents and reports on economic, finance, political, anti-corruption, ecological, energetic topics. In 2019 Mariana held on 10-classes authorial online-course for proofreader-beginners.  


In the past, Mariana worked as Russian-Ukrainian translator. She is proud of her translation of one of Mykola Hohol novel, which is now used in Ukrainian school textbooks.    







Research Interests

Ukrainian language as a foreign language, stylistics of the Ukrainian language, the theory of proofreading, social media and communication, manuscripts, parliamentarism.